We are living in a world that is increasingly pushing Do It Yourself (DIY) projects on a daily basis. We see shows on the television, advertisements on social media, blogs, online channels, books, magazines, pamphlets….you name it; that DIY little guide is out there for you. I cannot deny that I have become very resourceful myself by digging out the strangest “How to…insert chore/project/fixing” project. Once you type “how to…” you will be faced with a world of wonderful ideas.

Yet, it is hard to find DIY projects that help you navigate the “How to…” of this important process called life. This blog is dedicated to the soul seeking a place of raw honesty and peace. While I cannot guarantee that every post will be written in a peaceful tone, I can guarantee the piece will be written with such an honest tone that will provoke at least one feeling. My anticipated apologies; I cannot guarantee that you will like what I have to say. The only thing that I can guarantee is this: the entries will be written with lots of personal common sense from a life that is being lived passionately.

Captured by grace,