A Fearless World

Imagine a fearless world. Crimes, injustice, being unloved or unwanted would not exist because would be thriving in a fearless world. Pandemics would have zero effect on us. Do not get me wrong; a fearless world would not be one without pain, suffering, or death. We would very much have all of those things, but the effect of those things would be minimal. Our suffering and pain would be a form of worship. We would be unafraid.

Dare a little with me today. Step into the shoes of a child that believes in the impossible. Dare to look up at the sky and see the stars for the first time again. Let the moon be the brightest star you’ve ever seen tonight. Let the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves of the trees leave you marveled. Discover for the first time the strange echo left behind every bark of dogs. Dare wonder why certain animals make it through a harsh winter. Look far into the blue sky, and in wondering and amazement, imagine what’s above the clouds. Take your mind into a world of fearlessness. What would it be like? If you could live in that fearless world, would you move there? Or would you be too afraid to even imagine with me.

We have been imprisoned in a world we call reality, and we have learned to ignore goodness. We have replaced the beauty that we saw with the eyes of our youth with trouble. We call it now “reality.” You were that child once; will you step into those shoes again?

The reality is that we both lived that fearless world….when we were children. Even children that have faced pain and suffering know how to live fearlessly. As children, we were very resilient with our minds. Yet, there is certain cruelty in this world. Caused to us by others, and caused to others by our own actions.

But it does not have to be this way. Freedom is a decision away, but we have to give up something: pride. We can make a decision today to depart from the self-imposed chains. However, pride likes to remind us of every injustice we ever faced. Pride likes to remind us of every instance in which we were injured. It may sound trivial, but we have to let go. We can make a decision to depart the prisons built around us by others.

If we inspect together the concept of freedom, we come to realize that it is not physically achieved. The physical aspect of freedom is temporary; the internal part of it is eternal. This internal piece is the one that matters the most. Achieving internal freedom will inherently lead to fearlessness. While I cannot promise you that all disappointments and pain will be completely gone, it will certainly lessen. You will begin to see every hurt as a lesson to be learned. Not a lesson that increases self-preservation, but a lesson that increases your sense of compassion.

Let your pain be a form of worship. God is listening. God is with you. God has not turned his back on you. God is more present in your life today that ever; especially in your pain and trauma.

Deuteronomy 3:22 “You shall not fear them, for it is the LORD your God who fights for you.”


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