We All Need A Friend That Lies

There, I said it. We all need a friend that lies. This is a special kind of friend. There are not many of these types of friends. If you have one of these lying friends, then you must do everything in your power to keep them.

There are specific qualities to this friend. This is the one that makes us feel there’s a way out of the mess. The one that says we are going to make it out. The friend that says “Next year, you will remember this situation and laugh about how you thought the world was over.”

The lying friend you can argue with. This is the friend that hears you self- criticize. You tell this friends everything about your errors, mistakes, and failures. You tell this friend that it was all your fault; that you should have known better. You argue vehemently that you deserved the negative outcome. Remember Ruth and Naomi in the Bible? Ruth was a strong encourager when Naomi was absolutely depressed. Look it up in the book of Ruth, but more specifically in Ruth 1:16-17.

As you progress through the list of failures, your friend interrupts you to state how wrong you are. This friends reminds you that you are amazing, and that you are being too hard on yourself. Then, he or she proceeds to go down the list of amazing things you’ve accomplished in the past. That if it wasn’t for you, certain people would not have progressed. Your friend tells you that you’ve never given up, and that you inspire them.

I called these people in our lives “the friends that lie” because that is how negativity may perceive them as they encourage us. In reality, these are not lying friends but people that deeply care about us. People that care enough to give us words of light rather than allow us to mellow in dirt. These friends are the lamps of light in our lives.

May the Lord surround you with the “lying” friend.

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