Shaming, false narrative, fit the narrative, stay woke, and other blah/non-slang terms of 2020

If you’ve been following any famous person on social media, you may have noticed some terminology that continuous to show itself over and over. These terms are not necessarily slang, but continue to show themselves in media outlets.

If someone loses weight and takes a picture of their success, they may be accused of betrayal and even “fat shaming” an entire community with their success.

If someone states a personal belief, perhaps tied to politics or religion, they will be told that their statements only fit a “false narrative.”

If an individual or group senses that they have been wronged someone, or about to be wronged…they will encourage people to “stay woke.”

After a while, these terms have flooded social media and news outlets. So much, that it is hard to discern information from feelings. The reason that I bring up feelings is because these words tend to evoke a feeling on individuals. These words tend to unite a group, and perhaps separate another.

So many popular words, so much confusion. It seems like in an effort to gain increased knowledge, humanity has lost its touch with the power of analysis. People tend to grab one or two pieces of information that agree with their personal thought processes, and move into considering themselves “informed.”

The problem is that individual thoughts and beliefs will shift often when there is no constant. However, once presented with a constant, individuals tend to reject the reality that there CAN be stability. Yet, the instability in which they live does not allow them to accept that there can be something that can anchor them. There is something that can bring them security.

Before you judge me harshly here, allow me to tell you that for years I was an individual that fully rejected anything that had to do with the Bible. Because I was used to so many changes, I could not accept that the so called word of God could bring me the peace that I had failed to find in thousands of other sources. I explored so many religions and solutions; yet nothing ever satisfied me. Once I opened my mind and heart to the Bible, I admittedly found that perhaps I had found a place of rest.

The word of God did something that no other source had ever done for me: it made me extremely curious. Nevertheless, as my curiosity towards the truth grew…so did the peace within me.

Since becoming a Christian, I have lost so many friendships. The word of God has transformed me into a person that can see goodness in every bad. I can also see how bad things can emerge from good things. I have found peace in knowing that life does not end on this Earth. I have come to understand that bad things happen, and will continue to happen because of the fall of Man in Genesis. Yet, I stand here before you to tell you that this is not a religious rant. There are many scientific and historic sources, outside of the Bible, that confirm the words that God meant to bring us comfort. No, this is not a theological discussion and I am certainly not seeking to convince you of anything. Just presenting you a picture of the one thing that has brought me so much peace.

If you are scientifically inclined, I highly recommend the series Answers in Genesis. This series utilizes scientific evidence to confirm the word of God. There are many sources out there that you can use; however, I always recommend that you start with the Bible.

I pray that you will not be consumed with the barrage of erratic information that is out there. These are times when man has been seeking so hungrily for something that will center him and bring him peace. I know deep in my heart that nothing will ever satisfy a human being other than the One who made us. I want you to rest assured that, while we do suffer in this world, God is already on the other side preparing a place for you.

Until the whole world hears.

Isaiah 40:3 “A voice of one calling: “In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

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