It is no secret that mankind has always struggled with the concept of power. The struggle rests within the parameters of figuring out who has power, how can power be taken away, how can power be restored, and how can power be projected and protected.

Regardless of how we may feel toward the concept of power, we fight to understand where it lies in regards to our person. As we ask ourselves these questions, we lean towards uniqueness because not one of us wants to be common.

The word common has such a negative connotation; at least in the American culture. To state that one is common, is to say that we are not unique. It is almost as stating that we have nothing to offer since anyone that is common can function where uniqueness is not needed. Yet, if we are all fighting to remain in power, doesn’t it bring forth a commonality in all of us? The struggle to know who holds power?

As we look at the differences between uniqueness and commonality, we should also remember that power emerges as we reflection what makes us unique and common.

There is nothing more powerful than knowing who we are.

Perhaps being common isn’t so bad. Perhaps acknowledging the pieces of commonality reflect reveal our uniqueness. To acknowledge who we truly are takes a level of confidence that does not mind so much our vulnerability. Confidence brings forth power.

Perhaps the concept of power is not as important in a tangible format. Conviction is power.

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