Hearts Meant to Be Broken

There are things that are meant to endure through time; while there are others that are meant to break. There are hearts that are meant to endure, while there are others that are meant to be broken. The things of the heart, who can possibly understand them? Could it be because this is how it was always meant to be?

In Proverbs 21:2 we see God make things rather clear for us “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

There is another verse that tells us Psalm 44:21 “Would not God discover this? For he knows the secrets of the heart.”

Hearts are meant to be broken, when they are given to those that do not understand it. The truth is that there is only one that understands your heart. The one that designed it. The one that made it. The one that planned you before He made the world. When you give someone your heart, you are giving a way a part of you to a weaker being. You are giving a precious thing to someone that does not have access to the instructions manual of your heart. You do not even have those for your own heart; then why would you give it to someone else? Another individual cannot possibly bear the secrets of his or her own heart; why would they know what to do with yours? Not your parents, not your best friend, not your spouse, not your supposed soulmate.

The bitterness of rejection sets heavy in each one of our hearts. I have never met an individual that thrived fully and alive under the shadow of rejection. Hearts broken; nothing mended. I have learned this personally. In that same bitterness, I have looked beyond what I can see. I have found peace in the things that I CANNOT fully explain. Why? Because I found no peace in the things that I COULD explain. Therefore, I questioned my life and identity. I questioned my purpose. I questioned why those that expressed love towards me also found it so easy to reject me. They never looked at the pain that my heart endured. They did not, because they did not know. They could not see the mysteries of my heart, or their own.

I was disposable, and so, they disposed of me.

A risk could be taken with me; where could I possibly go? Where could I run to?

Yet, there is one that looks beyond my actions. There is one that has never departed me, even-though I fully rejected Him. I slammed the door in his face many times. I wanted nothing to do with him. Life would be boring if I opened the door; I had a life to live. I had a heart to give.

Yet, I opened the door. I said “yes.”

Who are you giving your heart today? Who is keeping your heart prisoner today? Who has planted the seed of sorrow in your life? When are you going to accept that hearts that were meant to be broken are the ones that are given to the undeserving.

Rise, heal, forgive, move on.

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