The lies believed

Truly, who has not believed a lie told about themselves? I cannot mentioned a single person that did not fall victim to beliefs that dominate the way they view themselves. These lies have been told to us or told to us by our own selves. What a wild thing! Beliefs shape how we interact with others, how we relate to people, how far we go in life, and all of the seemingly smaller aspects of life. I am not here to speak about limiting beliefs, this seems to be a popular topic lately. You have probably heard this term if you are educating yourself on sales or in achieving a promotion or getting a job. My focus here is to explore how we get to the point where we actually convince ourselves of something regarding our person. No, not the moment in which we were called a name, but the moment in which we concluded that we were in fact that person.

Here’s the thing: if you believe that thing about you, you will naturally work towards perfecting that thing that you say you are. If you convince an extroverted child that he or she is in fact a shy individual, the child will naturally start acting upon that concept. Nevertheless, our personalities are inherent to us. We are born with personality attributes….go look it up! It is only a matter of time before that child, perhaps later in adulthood, will act upon his or her true self in a potentially unhealthy way. They will find an outlet.

What’s your outlet? How dangerous is it to believe the lies about you?

I think of the people living under dictatorships. North Korea comes to mind. This is a land for which I pray daily with my family. I do not know any North Koreans, I have no clue what it is to live under a dictatorship. It just takes for one to listen to the testimonies of so many North Koreans that have escaped their countries to realize what these individuals have gone through. Some of the testimonies have come from individuals that spent time in prison camps. While the higher officials of the North Korean government vehemently deny the existence of prison camps, the incredible amount of testimonies and reports from defectors tell a very different story.

Nevertheless, I wonder what makes the people stay in the situation. Yes, I know that it is not that easy to just take off. North Korea has one of the largest military armies in the world. Yet, these individuals in the North Korean military also suffer tremendously from the injustices committed against them. All of this hard life, caused by a very small amount of individuals in power, would suggest that the people are under an almost magical spell. The psychological pressure inflicted on the people has brought incredible success to the people in power. Generation after generation have been suppressed and oppressed by the very few in power. Beliefs.

Now, I do know that the pressure is greater than simply stating this is all about beliefs. There is an obvious physical aspect to all of these issues; however, these aspects only add to the beliefs held by the people. How do we get to that place where we believe that another human being has power over us? Something shifts in the brain and tells us: “This is who you are. You are not strong enough. No one is coming for you. It is easier to lay low. Do not put yourself or your family at risk. Survive.”

Freedom. What does it truly mean to be free? Is it to live in a free country where there is no oppression from a government? Is it to be wealthy? Or is it riches? The type of riches that would allow you to go wherever your heart desires, to do whatever you want? The type of riches that allow you to select who surrounds you? I think we all know the answer to that.

Freedom only happens from the inside. The inside, the soul. This is the part of you that no one can see, but God. I do hope that you believe in God. This is a hard life. God made a beautiful world…but it is a fallen world. We got to live in the fallen world. Adam and Eve sort of screwed this up for us; nevertheless, I am a firm believe that it was bound to happen regardless. It could’ve been John and Gene….it was going to happen. When we have an enemy that is angry with us, that hates us, that wants to see us burn with him…yes, there was not much we could do. That devil was coming regardless. The thing is that he has attacked us for thousands of years with a simple question and a doubting statement. “Did he really say…?” “If you are truly the Son of God….”

In this world, we are all fighting a common enemy. One that we cannot see. But rest assured, that enemy can see us AND he hates us. This is not an enemy that does not know his end. He has read the Bible, he knows what is coming. Yet, the hate is so much bigger. The Bible states in James 2:19 “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that —and shudder.”

Beware…this is the story of our rescue. We do not have to believe the lies. We have been ransomed. I pray that you do believe in a God that gave his only Son so that we could be free. Yet, we must fight this battle down here. In this earth. Why do bad things happen to good people? Simply put: this is a fallen world. Even Jesus let us know that we would suffer in this world, and the suffering has zero to do with whether you believe that Christ died or us (John 16:33).

Forgiveness. So freely given. Take it. He is calling.

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