The cry (celebration of introversion)

The introvert – hears a loud bang in a quiet place. Sees the raging waves of the sea in an ocean full of people. No, it is not depression. Not isolation. So much to say, so many people. So many words in my head; such little words departing my lips. If any!

Thoughts come rushing in fast, the crash and clash against each other. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE! There’s just so much in me! How can I say the words that are in my head? These words and ideas that rush so rapidly. I want to scream, but I am unable to let my thoughts out. When I do let me thoughts out, they come out in a form that cannot be taken back. The words are out, all eyes on me. What have I done? I grow quiet.

Introversion – speaking your mind with the lack of a proper filter. Not having the courage to process what was just said by my own lips. Or was courage the thing that made me speak up? No, it had to be something else.

Selfish for not sharing. Giving for not speaking. So confusing.

The words that keep showing themselves in my head. My lips attempt movement, but cannot and will not. Incoherence. Speak up…now.

….but maybe, perhaps….later.

Not today.

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