How to Process John 16:33

Forgiveness is not important until there is something to forgive or be forgiven for. Today, more than ever, I truly believe in the power of waiting. Throughout my life as a believer, there have been some ups and downs when I felt that I was getting closer to God. You may have often heard analogies using the waves of the sea; they just come and go without trouble. The sea can be a source of calmness, or a source of rage and devastation. It depends on the season and stage in which you catch a glimpse of the sea. So is life in general. I do not separate the believer from the non-believer because it would be absolutely wrong. Jesus said it beautifully,

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 (NIV).

Jesus did not create a separation between those that believed or not; nevertheless, he encourages all to know that He overcame the world. That’s where the certainly and knowledge of Christ kicks in. It is not that we will be out of trouble; absolutely not. This verse serves as a compass for our hearts so that our thoughts may be directed in the direction of that power that can only come from a Savior. Enough of the ‘churchy’ speaking; what does it all mean? How does it all look like in real life; the life that we are living right now. I can only present what I have personally learned.

There were many times in my life when the Lord gave me an opportunity to do things right. Back then, I did not understand the magnitude of John 16:33. If I would’ve known this years ago, perhaps even 2 years ago, I would’ve never fallen so deeply into depression. I was so mad a God. I had done everything right. I prayed, I gave to the needy, I listened to others, I prayed for others, I, I, I……………


John 16:33 is a HARD concept to grasp when you have no clue what it really means. Your checklist of “doing good things” isn’t going to keep you from trouble. God knows how many times I’ve selfishly said “why me? I’m a good person. I’m ….I …I.” I truly believe that it was the “I” that got me in trouble before. Today, I take John 16:33 as a heart compass. A navigation instrument. I can take the next trouble; I know my North. God doesn’t keep me from pain, but He walks with me. That’s enough. I’m stronger.

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