How to Reconsider Sharing Your Darkness with Others

This is a very short paragraph where I share a lesson learned the painful way. I must confess that I do not have it all together here, but have become increasingly aware when I am on the verge of making the mistake again. God created us as beings of community. We are to be in community with God and with others. However, we can often fall into the trap of codependency. We know that our neighbor, friend, spouse, sibling, parent…loves us, so we share our deepest darkest feelings. STOP RIGHT THERE!

Never give another ‘person’ what belongs to God. I don’t care how much you love them or they love you: they cannot handle YOU. Not your best friend, your spouse, your parents, your siblings…Do not fall in this enemy spiritual trap. Your weaknesses, pains, frustrations, and even those confused moments do not belong to another person. Their own darkest moments do not belong to you either. A spiritually mature person will let you know that they will pray for you. Do not take this as them not caring for you, or simply giving you a spiritual bandage. The honest truth is that only God can provide you with the spiritual sustenance that you need. When you let someone into these areas, you risk their judgement and even giving them a pain that never belonged to them. They do not have the “equipment” in their person to handle it; they will never be able to process you. They will judge you, advice you based on feelings, or even resent you based on what they saw/heard/felt. Sad, unnecessary, and you will REGRET IT. I’ve done this so many times as the ‘giver’ and the ‘taker.’

God is good and is love though…all the time. Rely on the one that made it all; your Maker. He will comfort your heart; nevertheless, it takes personal discipline to step out in faith and allow God to lead your life.

Choose wisely.

Jeremiah 17 5

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